Accelerate manual tests
with Multi-Device Testing

Test your web apps & websites on two desktop or mobile devices simultaneously. Save hours of testing effort and ship bug-free web apps, faster.

Test on two mobile devices, simultaneously

Take manual testing on mobile to the next level with Live, as it allows you to test your web apps & websites on two devices in the same view, or different browser tabs!

A range of features for end-to-end testing

Experience interaction sync between two mobile devices and use features like Change Location, Throttle Network, Local Testing, among others.

Sync Interaction

Perform actions like zoom or scroll on one device, see it mirrored on both.

Change Location

Test performance in different regions using device GPS or IP.

Throttle Network

Test under real-world network conditions like 2G, 3G, or a custom profile.

Local Testing
Local Testing

Test your web apps & websites hosted on local environments or private servers.

Device orientation
Device orientation

Easily switch between landscape and portrait mode in a click.

Record session
Record session

Capture your test session to reproduce bugs for future reference & collaboration.

Test on two desktop devices, simultaneously

Test your website on two desktop browsers running in separate browser tabs, in parallel.
Test fast, ship faster.

Ship bug-free web apps & websites

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