Single platform for all your test management needs

Centralized testing processes

Create, manage and track all your manual and automated test cases and test runs on a central platform.

Ensure consistency

Easily access and manage test assets, minimize redundancy, and ensure uniformity across the testing process.

Simplified tracking

Get a complete view of automation coverage through the centralized tracking of your test cases and test runs.

Organize and structure your testing

Easily group test cases in folders and sub-folders. Seamlessly navigate between folders, add results, and link issues with fewer clicks and page loads.

Test case tracking simplified

Keep tabs on test cases

Track requirements, results, and issues linked with test cases – all in one platform.

Unified test management

No need to switch modes from Test Management to other tools and platforms.

Supercharged workflows

Achieve full traceability through seamless integrations.

Archive and restore test cases

Archive unused or obsolete test cases, decluttering your list view while keeping them accessible for future reference.