Simplified manual and automated test run management

Plan what needs to be tested across manual and automated test cases and track the status of each execution in real time.

Track testing progress

Keep a tab on all your manual and automated test runs.

Faster test execution

Plan, assign, and execute your manual and automated tests with confidence.

Improve collaboration

Assign and execute test cases, and set results with real-time updates.

Accelerate manual test execution

Manual test runs

Create, manage and track manual test runs while capturing notes & attachments with test results.

Search and filter test runs

Search and filter test cases within test runs using various parameters like Status, Priority, Assignee, and more.

Test run cloning

Clone test runs from previous runs while applying result-based filters, without having to configure every setting.

Scale up automated test execution

Test automation frameworks

Import test automation results from JUnit-XML/BDD-JSON reports supporting 15+ test automation frameworks.

Faster data upload

Achieve faster API rate limit for uploading automation test results data.

BrowserStack Test Observability

Upload automation test results from Test Observability and gain deeper testing insights.

Automated test cases with Low-Code Automation

Integrate with BrowserStack Low-Code Automation and automate existing test cases. AI will intelligently fill in script details based on your test case descriptions, saving you time and effort.

Test planning made easy

Group test runs under test plans. Manage your testing cycles, iterations, sprints, and test plans to keep track of your testing progress and release quality.

Track test run status across multiple configurations

Easily add browser/device/OS configurations to your test runs. Launch BrowserStack Live sessions directly from Test Management and run tests on 20,000+ real devices.

Test case ID tagging for improved traceability

Link test suite with test cases. No need to make changes in your existing automation workflows as test case IDs are retained while importing data from your existing tool.

End-to-end defects tracking

Track the linked test case results and test run for any defects.

The modern & unified test management is just a click away

Create test runs and experience the power of Test Management.