Import test cases at speed & scale

Easily migrate projects and test cases from existing test management tools using APIs or import test cases from CSVs.

Quick Import from test management tools

Import your existing test cases along with all the attachments from tools such as TestRail, Zephyr Scale, Xray with a single click. All you need is the API token details.

Import test cases from CSVs

Single-click data import

Import test cases from CSV through a single click at a blazing speed.

Intelligent data parsing

Automatically map your CSV fields with our system fields which can be customized further.

Custom fields

Create custom fields on the fly during the import process.

Seamless and simplified test case migration

Retain test case IDs

Keep your historical test case data intact while moving to Test Management by retaining test case IDs.

Real-time tracking

Track the progress of the test case import in real-time without impacting your ongoing testing activities.

Email notification

Stay updated on Quick Import through email notifications, providing details on the imported test cases.

The unified test management is just a click away

Import test cases now and experience the power of BrowserStack Test Management.