The new-age test case management

Manage all your test cases on a central, easy-to-use test management platform.

Ensure standardization

Enable QA teams to adopt uniform testing processes for reliable results.

Test faster

Manage test cases with fewer clicks and page loads than any other tool.

Improve efficiency

Leverage customization and bulk actions to improve testing efficiency.

Auto-generate test cases with AI-based suggestions

Get intelligent test case suggestions by analyzing existing test cases utilizing AI. Auto-populate test case fields, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

Out-of-the-box test case templates

Create test cases by using text or steps-based templates. Achieve consistency while creating test cases by leveraging pre-defined templates.

Fast and intuitive test case authoring

Quick test case addition

Create test cases without filling in all test case fields with a single click.

Detailed test case creation

Create test cases with a detailed form having ready-to-use test case fields.

Rich text editor

Style your test cases with a rich text editor – including images, links, and attachments.

Powerful test case customization

Create test cases with custom fields. Define custom values for popular test case fields like priority, test case type, and state.

Bulk actions for efficient test case management

Perform bulk actions on your test cases, including editing, copying, moving, and deleting. Easily copy test cases in bulk from one project to another.

Simplified test case search and filter

Easily search, sort, and filter test cases with pre-defined parameters such as Status, Priority, Test Case ID, Title, Assignee, and more. You can also filter based on custom fields.

The modern test management is just a click away

Create test cases and experience the power of Test Management.