Reports & Analytics for data-driven QA decisions

Track all your testing efforts across manual test cases and automated test in a single place.

Rich dashboard with real-time insights

Get a high-level overview or drilled-down details of your test cases and test runs through the rich dashboard.

Test run analytics

Easily track active and closed test runs for your project. Get details like the number of Automated Test Cases & Manual Test Cases, and the Total Test Cases of the project.

Test case analytics

Track and analyze test cases for your project across multiple parameters such as Type of Test Cases, Trend of Test Cases, Automated Test Cases, and Manual Test Cases.

Automation coverage

Monitor historical data, automation coverage metric, and testing trends across test cases & test runs executed.

Defects analytics

Track and analyze Jira issues associated with your project. Analyze JIRA issues associated with your test runs and test cases for the last 12 months.

Schedule and download reports

Automatically generate reports summarizing test runs and providing detailed test run information based on configured schedules.

The modern & unified test management is just a click away

Gain complete visibility into testing with Test Management.