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Do you test on Safari 10 Emulator or Simulator? Don’t Bother! Get instant access to real Safari 10 browser for accurate results.

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Test Safari 10 Browser Compatibility on Real Desktop and Mobile Devices

BrowserStack offers 3000+ of real browsers & devices to test website on Safari 10 under real user conditions. Get better accuracy by testing on real browser over Safari 10 Emulator and Simulator.

Test Safari Browser Real Devices


Real Devices for Safari Browser Testing

Real Devices for Safari 10 Browser Testing

Leverage hundreds of real desktop & mobile devices to run Safari 10 test on BrowserStack Live for more accurate testing.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with popular bug reporting tools like Slack, JIRA, Trello, & GitHub for better collaborative debugging with your Team

Test for different Geographic Locations

Test for Different Geographic Locations

Run Safari 10 compatibility tests for Geolocation based functionalities by simulating different GPS-based and IP-based Geo-locations.

Comprehensive Debugging

Comprehensive Debugging

Easily debug Safari browser tests with bug reporting tools, live debugging using DevTools, automated screenshots, text, console, & network logs.

Test Safari on Dev Environment

Run Safari 10 Test on Dev Environment

Test staging website on localhost / development environment instantly without any setup to identify bugs before going live.

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Securely test Safari 10 online on private VMs and tamper-proof real devices which are wiped clean of data after every session.

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Safari Browser Versions we support

List of Safari Browser Versions available for testing on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the steps to test your website on Safari Version 10:

  1. Sign up on BrowserStack Live for a free trial.
  2. Enter the website URL and select the device to be tested on, along with the Safari 10 as the browser on the BrowserStack Live Dashboard. 
  3. Once done, you can perform manual testing of the sites on Safari 10 online under real user conditions.

Safari is the second most used browser globally & many users want to check website compatibility on Safari browser 10. To ensure cross browser compatibility of sites, it is best to test on various versions of the browsers. This helps deliver a site that renders seamlessly across different browser versions. Hence, for a consistent user experience, Safari 10 testing is essential.

Yes! You can now test on Safari for all of its available browser versions on real desktop & mobile devices.

BrowserStack allows you access to 3000+ real device & browser combinations for wider test coverage and consistent user experience. We maintain physical devices stationed at its global data centers securely, where data is wiped after every session for complete user security. It is GDPR Compliant and SOC2 Type2, offering private VMs, where machines are kept behind strong firewalls for a secured testing experience.