BrowserStack’s flagship 2-day virtual conference is back (after a break 😉 ) and we cannot be more elated to run the show that brings together thought leaders, tech influencers and DevOps experts to share their views on multiple topics relevant to the developer and QA community.

🔎 With a developer/QA-first mindset at the core of what we do, our founders realized a strong need to connect with our users and the tech community to understand industry trends and innovations ruling the testing market. This sowed the seed for a platform like <break>point.

🚀 BrowserStack has witnessed a tremendous innovation and growth in our product line, releasing 5 developer-centric products in the last 6 months. During the conference, our experts will cover some of the practical use-cases of these new products, primarily focussed on improving developer productivity and software time-to-market.

🗓️ The conference is spread across 2 days with over 8 hours of 10+ enriching sessions. Key highlights of the sessions would be as follows:

Day 1 of the conference starts with our co-founder Nakul Aggarwal and Anand Subbaraman, President of product and marketing at BrowserStack, sharing their views and vision of building BrowserStack as an E2E testing platform. They will also address some of the challenges faced by the QA and the innovations led by BrowserStack to help you solve the puzzle of testing.

🧑‍💻 Other sessions are led by some of the coveted thought leaders in the industry namely Debra Ruh, CEO and Cofounder, RUH Global Impact; Evgeniya Blekher, QA manager, Sestra systems and many more. They will touch upon the industry trends related to Accessibility testing, Visual testing and Low-code Automation. What’s more? You also get a sneak peek into some of our products targeting the above use-cases.

🤩 Excitement and learnings continue into Day 2 with engaging sessions covering topics around industry best practices for testing and leading innovation technologies that help you release faster and better. This will include topics around the leading industry trends namely, the use of AI in quality engineering, handling flaky tests and improving your suite health, Adopting shift left mindset with test automation, and many more…

🤔 Still wondering, what’s in it for me? Here are few reasons, why you should attend:

  • Network with industry leaders, peers and experts in the dev and QA community
  • Interact and exchange ideas with our speakers and other attendees
  • Gain actionable, real-world insights from 10+ sessions spanning across different developer and QA use cases, to improve your testing processes, enhance quality assurance, and drive better software outcomes.
  • Acquire practical skills, tips and strategies to improve your testing productivity.

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