Welcome to the first edition of the BrowserStack device feature blog series!

As a developer-first organization, we understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest testing trends and delivering the best-in-class user experience across devices and platforms. BrowserStack is excited to announce the launch of device testing features to make mobile testing more robust and comprehensive.

In this series, we'll share the latest device features designed to help Dev and QA teams increase their test coverage across mobile devices. Stay tuned and explore our new features and learn how they can help you level up your mobile testing strategy.

Let's look at some numbers first -

  1. As per the Comscore report, over 70% of digital media time in the USA is spent on mobile devices.
  2. As per McKinsey & Company, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site on mobile if they had trouble accessing it. 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.
  3. As per the Google report, 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company.

With 62% of the web traffic coming in from mobile devices, it has become increasingly critical for businesses to tailor their development and testing approach to accommodate today’s mobile-first world. Device fragmentation, release velocity, quality expectation, and developer productivity have become roadblocks on every organization’s road to success.

BrowserStack Device Features

Introducing BrowserStack real device features that help you test mobile apps across devices. Get the feel of holding a real mobile device in your hand with native device features like biometric authentication, passcode, and low power mode.

  1. Test on 20,000+ real iOS and Android devices
  2. Access native device features to test complex workflows
  3. Ensure your mobile app works for every user
  4. Replace your in-house device lab with a scalable public cloud

Now you can test advanced use cases with native device features across Live, App Live, Automate, and App Automate. Some key features include -

Test with SIM Card on Device

Leverage SIM-enabled devices to test 2FA, OTP-based authentication, USSD Support, and SMS-based workflows.

Test Security Workflows

Test biometric authentication and enable device passcodes to check numeric pin/passcode-based workflows.

Validate Payment Workflows

Test your in-app payment workflows with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Toggle Key Device Settings

Verify your app's user experience in dark mode and manage pop-up settings while testing websites.

Simulate Input in Various Formats

Test features like speech-to-text which use the device audio input and file upload/ download. Validate image and video injection via camera.

Test Advanced Gestures

Simulate gestures like multi-finger touch and shake gestures to test app workflows.

and many more...

What's in it for YOU?

For Developers

  • Test on your development and staging environments with local testing.
  • Debug and fix bugs instantly with Chrome DevTools, recorded test sessions, and bug reporting via Jira, Github, and more.

For QA Testers

  • Test your web app for advanced use cases with Image injection, File Injection, and Audio Streaming features on remote mobile devices.
  • Avail new device/ OS versions on or before launch day. With 20,000+ real devices, test on demand with no concern for device availability.

For QA Managers

  • Enjoy zero setup costs, zero maintenance, and zero hassle with a comprehensive device cloud.
  • Ensure maximum market coverage, device availability, minimal latency ( 19 DCs ), and top-notch security with BrowserStack real device cloud.

Here's what our customers say

We were looking for reliability, scalability, and efficiency when running our tests, and an easy-to-use platform for manual and automated testing to increase our test coverage on very focused mobile features like biometrics and image capture.  

Vidya Sundararaman, QA Technical Strategist, Q2 e-banking.

We felt BrowserStack would be the perfect solution for our use case. It allowed us to mimic our users’ real-world environments on BrowserStack’s  real devices. We could use our test scripts on BrowserStack to run automated tests on various iOS and Android devices.

Todd Eaton, Head of Consumer Product DevOps & QA, The Weather Company

Learn more about how you can leverage these features to ensure holistic mobile testing, broader test case coverage, accelerated bug resolution, and lightning-fast shipping cycles.

We're thrilled to share our latest features with you and hope you find them exciting and useful! We have introduced Device Features Pro plans across Live, App Live, Automate, and App Automate.

​​Stay tuned to learn more about the next-gen device features we have launched recently to help you test advanced use cases.