Breakpoint 2021 is a 2-day virtual summit on software quality. We're bringing speakers—dev, QA and open source experts—to talk about how the best engineering teams ship quality software at scale.

Maxim Sadym is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience, and he majorly focuses on web testing. He started his career in Russia and later moved to Germany to work for BigTech. He currently handles the design and development of the innovative next-gen ‘WebDriver BiDi’ protocol.

Can you tell us about your role at Google?

I currently work as a Software Engineer, primarily focusing on Chrome DevTools, Puppeteer and WebDriver BiDi.

Is there a favorite project/side project in testing/tech you’ve worked on recently?

Yes. I am deeply interested and invested in Puppeteer.

Can you give us a sneak-peek into your session for Breakpoint 2021?

I'm going to talk about an exciting project we are working on—WebDriver BiDi. It moves web testing to a whole new level by providing way more control over the browsers.

What’s the testing space like now, compared to what it was like when you joined the industry?

I joined the web development industry in 2004. It was even before the first Selenium RC release when web testing was done manually. Looking back, I cannot imagine developers being able to solve even a small part of the tasks that they are efficiently solving today, simply because of how difficult it was to translate and share context about the tests—most of it just stayed in the heads.

What are you reading/learning right now? What made you interested in this?

I'm reading—surprise, surprise—'How Google Tests Software'. It gives insights into some testing-related decisions that were taken and where they led to.

What would you like to tell young developers of today?

Try as many different approaches, frameworks, technologies, and even roles as you can. The more different patterns you have, the better decisions you make.