We hosted BrowserStack’s first-ever virtual summit, Breakpoint 2020 last week. We saw over 10,000 registrations and 2500+ attendees from 155 countries, 18 speakers, and 2 cats! Speakers from Twitter, Trivago, Selenium, Robot Framework, and more talked about agile testing, quality at speed, decentralized testing, release reconstruction, and testing best practices.

All the sessions have been recorded. Here are some highlights from talks focusing on testing at scale:

Decentralizing architecture to build an agnostic framework

Nupur Pallavi and Omose Ogala discuss how the team at Twitter built one test framework for all teams to use, maintained the health of tests, made tests easy to implement, and decentralized testing to become context-focused, along with a sneak peek into the Twitter test stack.

Transforming testing methodologies

Todd Eaton explains how the team at weather.com and wunderground.com increased test coverage to include more devices, reduced the size of releases to 2-3 features per release, increased the number of releases to multiple times each day, and reduced release failures to less than 5%.

Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel talks about some broad industry trends making software testing more efficient and inexpensive, like backends as a service, CI/CD, JAMstack, and serverless infrastructure, along with the role of frontend in education, what makes the development process faster and richer, how the software testing world has changed, and how deployment expectations have changed.

Solving the build vs. buy dilemma

Abesh Rajasekharan of Thomson Reuters discusses the ultimate enterprise conundrum: build vs. buy, with an in-depth analysis of the factors to consider while making the decision: the problem, budget, timeline, opportunity cost, quality compromise, technical debt, and long-term vision.

Building effective feedback loops

Brian Lucas discusses what the build, deploy, release strategy looks like at Optimizely, the importance of building tight feedback loops, how to track metrics within your build and test release processes, how to drive improvement over time, and why you should pay attention to the ‘Build Pain Index’.

Accessibility, audits, and testing

Crystal Preston-Watson from Salesforce stresses on the importance of accessibility testing, how you can use accessibility audits as stepping stone for integrating accessibility testing into your team and company, and her thoughts on automation for accessibility testing.

Read up on the other Breakpoint talks focusing on test automation and frameworks. You can catch all the recordings here:

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