We hosted BrowserStack’s first-ever virtual summit, Breakpoint 2020 last week. We saw over 10,000 registrations and 2500+ attendees from 155 countries, 18 speakers, and 2 cats! Speakers from Twitter, Trivago, Selenium, Robot Framework, and more talked about agile testing, quality at speed, decentralized testing, release reconstruction, and testing best practices.

All the sessions have been recorded. Here are some highlights from talks focusing on frameworks:

Basics of Robot Framework

Pekka Klarck, creator of Robot Framework covers the basics of the framework, along with how to create test cases and run them. He also takes a quick look at creating libraries for the generic automation framework.

WebdriverIO: The basics

Kevin Lamping gives us a demo of WebdriverIO, explaining the main features and benefits offered, requirements for usage, how you can integrate it with BrowserStack, how it compares against DevTools, what’s new, how you can extend it to suit your needs, and how you can write more concise tests.

The future of Webdriver

David Burns, core contributor to Selenium reveals the future of Webdriver: Webdriver BiDi, focused on bidirectional communication and designed for automation-first setups, with maintenance and migration given a priority.

Read up on the other Breakpoint talks focusing on test automation and testing at scale. You can catch all the recordings here:

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