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BrowserStack x Appium

[PARTNERSHIP] BrowserStack is now Appium's Strategic Partner, with a joint mission to help millions of QAs and developers ship bug-free apps. Learn more

Elevate Test Automation

[WEBINAR] Join our experts to learn the common challenges when scaling test automation and how to address them. Watch now

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Product Updates

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  • AI-based Self-Healing: The new AI-based self-healing feature reduces flakiness and brings in more stability by automatically identifying and fixing locator-related anomalies in your browser automation tests. Learn more

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  • Introducing Visual Scanner (Beta): Visual Scanner is a new feature on Percy that automatically scans specified URLs at scheduled intervals to spot visual defects. This allows you to stay ahead of any unexpected visual alterations and ensure your users always experience your website as intended. Try for free
  • Playwright Support for Percy on Automate: This new integration allows you to seamlessly run visual tests using Playwright within Percy on Automate.

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Accessibility Testing

  • Support for WCAG 2.2: BrowserStack Accessibility Testing now supports WCAG 2.2! This enables you to test your websites against the latest W3C recommended standards, ensuring a more inclusive experience for all users. Try for free

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App Accessibility

  • Hybrid app support for App A11y: Our proprietary rule engine now detects accessibility violations on hybrid apps in addition to native apps on both iOS and Android. Try for free

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Test Observability

  • Public REST APIs: The new API capabilities enable seamless integration, allowing users to programmatically interact with their test data and build metrics on Test Observability. Learn more
  • Daily Summary Email: The Daily Summary Email provides a comprehensive overview of your organization’s testing activity over the past 24 hours. Learn more
  • Detect CI Tools Automatically: Test Observability now detects 20+ leading CI tools automatically. Try now
  • Unstable SDK Version Alert: Test Observability now includes a helpful nudge to inform users if their BrowserStack SDK version is outdated. Try now
  • Search on Build Listing by Tags: Users can now search for builds using tags directly on the Build Listing pages. Try now

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Test Management

  • Low-Code Automation Integration: Test Management now integrates with Low-Code Automation, helping you automate existing test cases with AI. Learn more
  • Archive & Restore Test Cases: You can now archive test cases instead of deleting them permanently. Learn more

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Community Updates

BrowserStack Champions

Join BrowserStack Champions, a global community for QA enthusiasts. Learn, share, and collaborate with 1200+ members worldwide to advance software quality and skills.
BrowserStack Meet-ups

Join the BrowserStack QA and Software testing Meet-up Group in your city to Learn, share, and Network with fellow QA professionals.

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BrowserStack Testimonials

Single platform for all your testing needs

"BrowserStack provides all that you can ask for w.r.t testing products whether it is manual app testing on a device, automation testing on a cross-browser, multiple location support, real devices to test in parallel, performance testing, accessability testing and the list is endless..."

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