In this edition of BrowserStack Champion Spotlight, we meet Lasitha, a Software Test Automation Engineer from Sri Lanka. In this interview, Lasitha shares his journey as a Test Automation engineer, his approach to work, his passion in life, his journey as a software tester, and the challenges he faced on his way to where he is now.

About Lasitha

Lasitha Hails from Sri Lanka currently resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where he works as a Senior Test Automation Engineer at INSCALE Malaysia. He is also a UiPath Certified RPA developer.

When Lasitha is not finding bugs, he enjoys watching and playing football as a Diehard fan of the Game. Lasitha also loves to play multiplayer online games with his friends and finds joy in discovering new places with his wanderlust.

Journey of Constant Learning.

Lasitha became a QA Engineer because he is passionate about ensuring quality and reliability in software products, making QA engineering a natural fit. He continuously expands his knowledge and stays current with the industry's latest trends, tools, and methodologies by attending conferences, workshops, and webinars to learn from industry experts.

As a firm believer in giving back, Lasitha constantly Shares his knowledge by guiding others and contributing to the growth of the testing community.

Sharing my knowledge and guiding others can help solidify my understanding and contribute to the growth of the testing community.

Take Pride in Small Things

Every day in Lasitha's career presents unique challenges, and he takes pride in solving them. Lasitha's take on solving unique daily challenges is that we no longer cherish and take pride in solving small problems. So, his advice to young professionals is to take pride and joy in solving small problems as they represent steps of bigger and more significant milestones.

E.g., Lasitha recently developed a Cypress plugin that reached one thousand downloads in NPM, and testers find it very useful. And Lasitha is very proud of the impact he is creating in the testing community. You can learn more about Lasitha's Cypress plugin here (

The BrowserStack Affiliation

As an avid user of BrowserStack, Lasitha uses Browserstack Products to test and debug websites across various browsers and devices to ensure a smooth user experience.

When asked about being part of the BrowserStack Champions community,

Lasitha responded by saying that he likes the opportunity the champions community brings to connect with like-minded professionals in the same industry, and it’s a supportive network where experts can share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on leveraging the powerful capabilities of BrowserStack.

He further added that being a part of the BrowserStack Champions community allows him to deepen his knowledge and stay updated on the latest advancements and best practices in testing and cross-browser compatibility.

The program is quite diverse, and we can rely on everyone's expertise, background, and knowledge to handle various quality difficulties. It's fantastic to have a global program that allows individuals to exchange information about BrowserStack and other quality-related technologies.
- Lasitha

Giving back to the Community.

In addition to being a BrowserStack Champion, Lasitha is also a Cypress Ambassador, showing his commitment to giving back to the community.

As a Cypress Ambassador, Lasitha believes it is not only his obligation to help new users of the product through any challenges that may arise but also to actively promote and advocate for the benefits and features of Cypress within the developer community. Lasitha also contributes to improving the Cypress ecosystem by providing feedback, reporting issues, and sharing best practices.

Exciting things Forward

Lasitha is excited about integrating AI in QA with AI-powered testing tools. He hopes we can automate complex scenarios, detect patterns in test data, and even predict potential issues. Lasitha believes AI-driven test generation and analysis will significantly enhance software testing efficiency, accuracy, and speed, leading to more robust and reliable applications.

Find Lasitha: LinkedIn

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