A renaissance is underway with open source software. It is used today by every industry and by organizations of all sizes – including the Pentagon.

Indeed, a recent Black Duck survey report reveals that 96 percent of scanned applications contain open source components and jQuery alone was present in 34 percent of the applications! The report further suggests that a large number of applications now contain more open source than proprietary code.

At BrowserStack we can attest to the value of open source helping to solve core engineering problems, speeding time to market and accelerating innovation. Open source has helped our own team build things faster. For example, Selenium and Appium serve as the foundation for many of our products – including BrowserStack Automate and App Automate.

We are a software business built by developers for developers, and we use open source because it just works. It has offered tremendous value in helping our team solve problems rather than relying on reinvention, so that we can stay focussed on delivering the world’s most trusted testing infrastructure.

The open source community remains an important wellspring of some of the most innovative ideas impacting software development. We believe through access to powerful tools like BrowserStack, more projects can come to fruition and succeed.

BrowserStack actively supports top open source projects, including jQuery, which is supported by the JS Foundation. The JS Foundation guides a wide range of end-to-end JavaScript projects towards open governance and a diverse collaborator base. JavaScript is used by over 80% of developers and by 95% of all websites.

The versatility and open source ecosystem that surrounds JavaScript has propelled it to become more than just the backbone of web applications. It fuels frontend, backend and IoT development, and is moving into new areas like distributed ledgers and Artificial Intelligence.

At BrowserStack, we recognize how well the value proposition of open source aligns with our mission: making developers’ lives easier and helping them build amazing experiences. Any open source project that needs to test should be supported, and we are committed to empowering open source developers with the tools and infrastructure they need be successful.

We are therefore proud to reveal our enhanced open source program. Open source projects can enjoy full and unlimited access to BrowserStack, with these new features:

  • Access to All Products. Get free, unlimited access to all BrowserStack products by default: Live, Automate, App Live, Screenshots—and App Automate, a newly launched solution for automated testing of mobile apps.
  • More Users and Parallels. Speed up testing by inviting more project contributors and running more concurrent manual and automated tests. User and parallel limits are increased to five.
  • Real Device Testing. Leverage the full scale of BrowserStack’s cloud of 2,000+ real iOS and Android devices, and achieve more accurate testing results by testing on real devices instead of emulators.
  • Lifetime Access. Test continuously for the duration of your project.

We are excited to give back to open source, and look forward to driving more great software development by removing the barriers around cross browser testing with Selenium and Cypress .

To learn more about our enhanced open source program, check out the press release here.