Intelligent build optimization across workflows

App Percy intelligently picks the optimal base build for your specific workflow, be it Git-Style Development or Visual Git Workflow, guaranteeing precise and clutter-free diffs.

Auto-Approve Branches

Skip manual approval process and automatically pass visual reviews for specific branches.

Carry forward Approval

Maintain approved snapshot status across all builds and throughout the entire lifespan of the branch.

Commit Synchronization

App Percy synchronizes reviews with your workflow, ensuring baselines & branch approvals are up-to-date.

Streamline parallel development on multiple branches

Simultaneously work on various features and bug fixes. Seamlessly integrate them into your master branch.

Streamline sequential changes in a single branch

Facilitate smooth change execution and easier bug tracking while reducing merge conflicts. Perfect for QA teams.

Deploy with confidence every time

Catch visual bugs before they reach your users!