Running your mobile app test suites just got easier with the support for App Automate on BrowserStack SDK. With this development, you can integrate your existing mobile-app testing suite with App Automate in minutes and without any code changes.

Ever since we launched the SDK support for Automate, the most persistent request from our customers has been: “When can I integrate my mobile tests using the SDK?”

But the wait is over today.

We’re excited to announce the support for App Automate on BrowserStack SDK. For both existing and new App Automate users, the integration is as easy as:

  1. Installing the BrowserStack SDK for your language.
  2. Configuring the browserstack.yml file.
  3. Triggering your tests as you normally do.

Why adopt the SDK-way of integration?

  1. It’s the faster way - as you don’t have to write any integration code.
  2. It’s the more reliable way - as you don’t have to test or debug your integration code.

Is the SDK backward-compatible?

Yes. The SDK is designed to be backward compatible.

If you have an existing integration with App Automate without the SDK, adopting the SDK-way will still be seamless. You won’t have to make any code changes to start using the SDK. Just ensure that your browserstack.yml config file has all the desired configurations.

How does the SDK work?

The App Automate SDK integrates into your existing test suite framework, intercepts your test scripts, and then modifies the execution during runtime to run tests on BrowserStack.

The capabilities defined in the SDK configuration override your existing Appium WebDriver URL and capabilities. That is, your tests will run on the BrowserStack cloud irrespective of whether your WebDriver URL is configured to your local grid. Since all capabilities are defined through the SDK configuration, changes to your test script are not required.

Get started

We strongly recommend that you move to the SDK-way of integrating with BrowserStack.

Read the docs to integrate your own test suite or build on top of one of our sample applications to get started with the SDK-way today.

Happy Testing,

Team BrowserStack