BrowserStack is excited to roll out a new feature 'Xcode retry' for XCUI tests executed on App Automate. You can use it to improve the overall XCUI test success rate without manually rerunning tests. With this feature, some of our early adopters have already witnessed a jump of 4% in their test success rates.

Here’s  how you can use the 'Xcode retry' feature on App Automate

You need to pass the following additional parameters to the API  POST /app-automate/xcuitest/v2/build that you already use to run XCUI tests on App Automate.

  1. testIterations: This parameter specifies the number of times you’d like to retry a failed test case.
  2. retryTestsOnFailure: Set this to true to execute your test case testIterations number of times.

Check out our documentation for more details.

Why you should run your XCUI tests on BrowserStack?

iOS application testing on App Automate is powered by BrowserStack’s industry-leading real device cloud infrastructure spread across 19 data centers in 13 global locations that provides:

  1. Instant access to over 70+ unique real iOS devices to test on
  2. Extensive parallelization for running multiple tests at a time
  3. 99.9% uptime for a seamless testing experience

Try it for yourself!

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