BrowserStack is thrilled to announce IntelliJ and Eclipse IDE plugins to further speed up build integration with BrowserStack SDK. Use these IDE plugins for seamless integration of BrowserStack SDK with your Java-based test suites.

Earlier this year we launched the SDK that needed you to write only a few lines of code for integration. But following our commitment to simplify the dev experience, we’ve further made integration easy through these IDE plugins.

Here’s how you can integrate your builds with these plugins

  1. Install the BrowserStack Plugin from your IDE marketplace
  2. Right-click on the Project Folder & click on BrowserStack Plugin.
  3. Choose from Integration with either Automate or App Automate
  4. Select the project that you wish to integrate with & mention the framework to be used.
  5. Configure other parameters like BrowserStack UserName and Access Key.
  6. Click Integrate.

Now, the BrowserStack SDK dependencies will automatically get configured in the `pom.xml` file & the `browserstack.yml` will be generated. Then you can configure this YAML file to execute your tests.

Once all the configurations are in-place, BrowserStack will take care of the run configurations as well without any code changes from your end. Voila! You are all set up to run your tests!

To learn more, check out our documentation.

Why should you run your automated tests on BrowserStack?

Automation testing with BrowserStack is powered by its industry-leading real device cloud infrastructure spread across 19 data centers in 13 global locations that allow you to:

  1. Integrate your test suites in minutes using BrowserStack SDK
  2. Run your tests across 120+ unique devices and 3500+ Device-OS-Browser combinations
  3. Run any number of parallel tests with just a config change
  4. Test reliably on industry-leading infrastructure with 99.9% uptime

Try it for yourself and set up your builds in minutes!

Happy testing!