We launched BrowserStack SDK 1.5 years back with the sole vision of accelerating your test automation experience with us. Since then, we have taken considerable strides to power up SDK which translates into minimal code changes, reduced setup times, fewer errored sessions, latency optimization for hub allocation, and much more.

Here is a sneak peek into what it means to adopt the 'SDK way':

What's even more exciting is that BrowserStack SDK proves to be the gateway to some of the other valuable products, namely -

Test Observability: It is an all-in-one test reporting, debugging & insights platform that provides real-time test reporting, flaky detection, AI-driven test failure debugging, and automation health metrics tracking. It boosts automation stability and analyzes failures 95% faster.

Accessibility Testing: One stop solution for your testing & monitoring for WCAG & ADA compliance. Experience 5x faster workflow scans, instant access to screen readers, automation SDK, and scheduled monitoring all within one platform.

Visual Testing: BrowserStack Percy provides you the ability to test & identify visual flaws across your websites.

Try them today and elevate your testing experience like never before.

BrowserStack SDK: The road ahead 🧐

BrowserStack SDK is on a path of continuous development & optimization and as part of the same, we have the following advanced features planned as part of the roadmap:

  1. Intelligent test orchestration that lets you prioritize your builds and receive faster feedback.
  2. Test healing enhancements for failed test scripts, minimizing manual intervention, and maximizing test reliability.

Okay! This seems interesting but how should I migrate? 🤔

The benefits of SDK are very imminent as it is built keeping your testing experience in mind. It cuts through all the noise and lets you focus on releasing impeccable products. Over 90% of our existing users have already adopted the SDK way of testing and we would want you to join the bandwagon as well.

So, don’t wait & follow our guide below to adopt the innovative way of test automation 👇