We hosted BrowserStack’s first-ever virtual summit, Breakpoint 2020 last week. We saw over 10,000 registrations and 2500+ attendees from 155 countries, 18 speakers, and 2 cats! Speakers from Twitter, Trivago, Selenium, Robot Framework, and more talked about agile testing, quality at speed, decentralized testing, release reconstruction, and testing best practices.

All the sessions have been recorded. Here are some highlights from talks focusing on test automation:

Visual confidence in every commit

Mike Fotinakis, co-founder and CEO of Percy explains how you can automate visual testing to gain ‘visual confidence’ with every commit. Mike also covers how you can write smaller, more effective tests, catch visual regressions before they reach your users, and delete/refactor CSS layers without fear.

Mike Fotinakis at Breakpoint 2020

Reconstructing releases

Benjamin Bischoff from Trivago tells us about ‘The triangle of Doom’, where QA teams, test automation teams, and developers were disconnected from each other. He goes on to explain how they solved the triangle of doom problem to make test automation user-friendly and communication easy.

Benjamin Bischoff at Breakpoint 2020

Simpler cross browser testing

Maja Frydrychowicz shows us how the team at Mozilla is modernizing browser automation, not just in Firefox, but in the overall ecosystem as well, and making the entire tooling ecosystem more efficient while less fragmented. She also introduces Firefox Nightly + Puppeteer, a preview of cross browser testing with a bi-directional protocol.

Maja Frydrychowicz at Breakpoint 2020

Modern automation approaches

Priyanka Halder tells us about the test stack at GoodRx, industry-standard metrics for writing code, why we need automation frameworks, and modern automation approaches like A/B testing, feature flagging, cloud delivery networks, AI tools, and mobile app automation.

Priyanka Halder at Breakpoint 2020

Delivering quality at speed

Praveen Umanath of BrowserStack looks at success stories from the best engineering teams across the world, how they test, what they did to reduce failure rates and run fewer tests, how they ensure that their builds are smaller, and how they went from a few releases a week to multiple per day.

Praveen Umanath at Breakpoint 2020

Golden rules for test automation

Alan Richardson a.k.a. Evil Tester, tells us why you should think differently about automating—using it to augment, rather than replace testing, how you can automate the ‘un-automatable’, use abstractions as dependencies, support automation with tooling, and more.

Alan Richardson at Breakpoint 2020

Constraints drive automation

Lawrence Mandel from Shopify tells us about the importance of choice in choosing technology, the difference between homogenous and heterogeneous environments, how constraints drive automation, how “optionality” improves efficiency, and the need to be able to challenge decisions.

Lawrence Mandel at Breakpoint 2020

Don't miss the other Breakpoint Highlights on frameworks and testing at scale.Watch out for our upcoming blog post about Breakpoint talks on frameworks and testing at scale. You can catch all the recordings here:

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