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Accessibility Automation Beta

[Just Launched] Experience effortless WCAG automation testing. Get accessibility-focused smart reports with just a single line of code. Register now

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QA Leadership Summit

[Summit] Have you saved your spot yet? Join our event to discover the future of testing and unlock QA success! Register now

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Digital Accessibility Excellence

[Panel Discussion] Join us to learn how to effectively achieve digital accessibility excellence in today’s ever-evolving regulatory landscape. Read more

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Test Management Simplified

[BrowserStack Originals] Watch our engineering leadership discuss test management strategies, best practices, and how they overcame engineering challenges. Register now

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Product Updates

App Live | Test Observability | Test Management | Accessibility Testing |
Percy & App Percy | Enterprise

App Live

  • Accelerate manual testing with parallel tests: Test your mobile apps on two real mobile devices simultaneously in a single test session, or use different browser tabs to run two sessions in parallel. Save hours of effort and release bug-free apps as you test faster and with greater precision. Learn more

See more updates in App Live Release Notes.

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Test Observability

  • Role-based Access Control: BrowserStack admins can now control and monitor team-level accesses for Test Observability, ensuring a seamless, secure, and tailored experience for every team member. Learn more
  • Support for Serenity BDD tests: You can now seamlessly integrate Serenity BDD tests on Test Observability and experience advanced level test debugging and reporting. Learn more

See more updates in Test Observability Release Notes.

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Test Management

  • Bulk edit test case tags: You can now edit tags for test cases through a bulk action, simplifying your test case maintenance. Learn more

See more updates in Test Management Release Notes.

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Accessibility Testing

  • Test pages behind authentication walls in Website Scanner: Expand the use of Website Scanner to include pages that are protected by login and uncover accessibility issues lurking in them. Now you can stay ahead in web accessibility by conducting more comprehensive, efficient and precise monitoring of your web application. Learn more

See more updates in Accessibility Testing Release Notes.

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Percy & App Percy

  • SDK integration for Percy platform: We are excited to announce the integration of Percy and App Percy with the BrowserStack SDK, which offers a plug-and-play solution, empowering users to run their test suites on BrowserStack without any code changes. Learn more

See more updates in Percy & App Percy Release Notes.

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We're thrilled to introduce the Overview Page, your one-stop solution for efficient management and comprehensive insights. Learn more

With this feature, you can seamlessly:

  • Receive Security Policy Recommendations: Get tailored recommendations for the right security policies to protect your data and assets.
  • Gain Utilization Insights: Unlock valuable insights into the overall utilization of your subscription and optimize your BrowserStack usage.
  • Monitor Adoption: Stay up-to-date on the current state of feature adoption and usage of BrowserStack services.
  • Discover Value: Explore new BrowserStack products and services that will help you unlock additional value from your subscription.

See more updates in Enterprise Release Notes.

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[Blog] Testing Security Workflows on BrowserStack Real Devices

We’re excited to announce that now you can test security workflows via device passcode and biometric authentication on BrowserStack real devices to validate payment transactions, enable app login, access specific in-app content and test other advanced use-cases.

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BrowserStack Testimonials

A Powerful Testing Platform - Ranjithkumar N.

"BrowserStack offers an extensive range of browsers, operating systems, and devices for testing, allowing users to ensure cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility with ease."

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