Champions Spotlight - Trisha Chetani

In this edition of the spotlight, we have Trisha who is a Senior Software Engineer at DRACOON GmbH, Germany. She’s also a Board Member of Association for Software Testing. Let’s get to know a little bit about her.

What do you like the most about your role? And what do you hate the most?

I have the chance to keep continuous learning because of the role. I don't like working in an environment where there are issues with teamwork and communication that indicate a lack of respect toward coworkers.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Something meaningful where in I could have the opportunity to bring more impact and value in any way I can.

You’re a board member of the Association for Software Testing. Tell us a little bit about it.

I will be taking on the responsibility of leading the community effort as the board of directors and creating more engagement in the AST platform officially from November. But I started involving in the discussion and board meetings so that I develop an understanding of what other board members are doing. From the event perspective, I started with lean coffee which is on the 21st of September 2022. We'd also love to see you at CAST 2022 in November in San Diego. Grab your tickets and join us for great conversations and lots of hands-on testing!

How do you stay up to date with your skills and industry knowledge?

I participate in activities and collaborations like the BrowserStack Champion program where I can add value and develop expertise. Gaining experience would, in my opinion, enable me to do more and contribute more.

How long have you been using BrowserStack? and how has it changed your approach to testing?

I've been using BrowserStack to test on cloud platforms. I would definitely bring up BrowserStack when someone asked for advice or assistance. I advised it because I had fewer devices to maintain, and BrowserStack made my life easier.

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