BrowserStack is thrilled to announce support for Detox-based testing for React native applications on our App Automate platform. You can now experience seamless Detox-based testing for your Android applications on BrowserStack’s real device cloud of 100+ unique real mobile devices with 400+ mobile device-OS combinations. With this latest addition, App Automate now has five industry-leading test frameworks in its arsenal; the other four being Appium, XCUI Test, Espresso, and Flutter.

What makes Detox based testing stand out?

While Appium remains the primary test framework for many in the QA/Dev community, Detox offers a more flexible gray-box testing approach that offers less flakiness and better reliability. Developed by Wix, especially for testing React Native applications, Detox allows real-time interaction with the app and offers auto-synchronization to determine the idle state of the same.

Detox-based testing on App Automate allows you to upload your app just once while making code changes on your local machine. This saves you time over other testing frameworks where one has to compile the code and re-upload the test-app for every code change.

How to get started with Detox testing on App Automate?

  1. Upload Android apps to BrowserStack
  2. Configure Detox to run on BrowserStack
  3. Execute the script to run tests on BrowserStack App Automate

Follow this guide to learn more about the setup and execution of your native app-based tests on App Automate.

Why BrowserStack?

As a Developer-first company, BrowserStack is constantly looking for ways to empower you with the latest and most effective tools. BrowserStack is one of the first testing platforms to provide full-fledged support for Detox-based testing, unlike other alternatives which provide a make-do solution riddled with high latency and flakiness.

With more such updates on the horizon, we strive to ensure that our users continue to focus on testing while we equip them with the industry-leading test infrastructure that provides:

  1. Extensive device coverage
  2. Seamless Debugging experience with a range of logs
  3. Effective parallelization that improves productivity

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Happy Testing!