We’re excited to announce beta support for Playwright and Puppeteer on BrowserStack Automate, two of the fastest-growing test automation tools, used by thousands of devs and QAs. With this integration, users can run Puppeteer and Playwright tests at scale on over 100 browser versions.

Both Puppeteer and Playwright have taken a fresh approach to test automation, removing the need for external drivers and controlling browsers directly via an API. This has opened up new possibilities for users in both test performance and functionality.

As developer-friendly automation tools, Puppeteer and Playwright have helped teams to adopt a Shift-Left approach to testing. These teams run a high volume of tests on a regular basis, underscoring the need for fast, scalable and reliable test infrastructure. Teams that can't rely on their infrastructure end up skipping tests and lowering device/browser coverage, but at the the risk of delivering buggy experiences to end-users. BrowserStack empowers teams to focus on testing - not test infrastructure - so they can ship faster, and deliver a bug-free experience for every user.

BrowserStack is committed to integrating emerging tools and frameworks which developers love. We added support for Cypress last year, and are looking forward to adding more integrations in the coming months.

Key Features

  • Browser and OS coverage:

    • Playwright: Multiple versions of vanilla Chrome and Edge, in addition to Playwright’s patched versions of Chromium, Webkit and Firefox.
    • Puppeteer: Multiple versions Chrome, Firefox and Edge.
    • Run tests on Windows 10 or macOS Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur for both frameworks.
  • Parallelization: Run hundreds of tests in parallel on BrowserStack’s cloud grid for rapid test results. Expand your test and browser coverage to move towards full automation without impacting build time.

  • Local Testing: Need to test a website that is hosted on your local machine or a dev or staging environment? BrowserStack Local makes this possible by creating a secure connection between the BrowserStack Cloud and your test environment, enabling you to test no matter where your code is deployed.

  • Debugging: Isolate the root cause for every failed bug and test easily, with access to Video Recordings, Screenshots, Text Logs, Console Logs, Network Logs and more.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

Running Playwright or Puppeteer tests on BrowserStack takes only a few minutes.

  1. Instead of using the launch method in Playwright or Puppeteer, use the connect method to connect to BrowserStack and get a browser instance to run tests on.
  2. Authenticate your tests with your BrowserStack credentials (can be found on the Automate Dashboard) and optional additional capabilities (browser , browser_version, os, os_version, and more) to your test scripts under the caps variable that is passed along with the connect command above.
  3. Trigger your tests and watch the magic unfold as your tests execute on our cloud.

Want to try it for yourself? We’ve put together some sample tests for you!
Get started now on Playwright
Get started now on Puppeteer

In case you don’t have a BrowserStack account already, sign up for a free trial! Every trial comes with 100 minutes of automated browser testing (and more!)

Happy testing!