BrowserStack has, from its inception, focused on building a testing platform based on open source technologies. These include key test automation tools like Selenium and Appium. About a year ago, we decided to actively contribute to the Open Source community and built a dedicated Open Source engineering team to contribute to projects which move the testing industry forward. Our team is young, ambitious and eager to make an impact. Outlined below are our guiding principles:

We are working in the open

Since the Open Source team’s inception, BrowserStack wanted to make sure that we are good stewards in the projects we join. We have also needed to get used to being out in the open as an engineering organisation. A worthwhile, and a challenging, initiative that we have relished.

We want to help each project deliver…

On their promises, on their culture. This means that when we embed in a project, we want to be full members of the project and support it to be successful!

We focus on projects which move the testing industry forward

BrowserStack can’t be doing everything, but when we do engage, we will bring our experience from building BrowserStack to those projects. We know we can’t support everyone as much as we would like to, we are going to be very deliberate about where we can support projects.

With this in mind, the BrowserStack Open Source organization, led by David Burns, will be focusing on contributing to the Selenium open source project.

This is just the beginning of our journey in the open source world—stay tuned for exciting updates from the Open Source engineering team over the next few months.