Modern & Unified Test Management

Create, manage, and track test cases & test runs at lightning speed with integrated workflows. Improve software quality through real-time insights.

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AI-Driven Full-Stack Test Management

Create, manage & track all your test cases & test runs. Gain insights into overall testing progress. Fully integrated with your test automation suites.

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Purpose-built for individuals and teams

QA testers
For QA testers

Manage all test cases on a single unified test management platform.

QA leaders
For QA leaders

Leverage insights on testing trends to ship high-quality products faster.

For teams

Let your QA & Dev teams collaborate and manage test cases effectively.

Why Choose Test Management

AI-powered test authoring & execution

  • Generate test case suggestions based on existing tests & Jira stories
  • Auto-populate different test case fields with smart recommendations
  • Identify relevant test cases to execute by analyzing Jira stories & past test runs

Get insights into testing efforts across all projects

  • Track key metrics such as automation coverage and visualize testing trends
  • Customizable dashboards that adapt to your testing needs
  • Improve traceability by linking requirements to test cases and defects

Automation-first test management

  • Real-time reporting that easily integrates with your automation framework
  • Seamlessly link the execution of your automated tests to the relevant test cases
  • Integrate with CI/CD tools to automatically trigger test runs

Key features

AI-led test case authoring

Let AI identify and suggest test cases. Leverage AI-based inputs to fill in test case details while creating or editing test cases.

One-click data import
One-click data import

Import data from existing tools using APIs or from CSVs. Map CSV fields through smart parsing.

Jira app powered by AI

Manage test cases & test runs in Jira using AI, and have your changes reflected in Test Management through Jira’s two-way binding.

Test run management
Test run management

Create & track Test Runs. Organize them in Test Plans. Upload test results either from Test Observability or JUnit-XML/BDD-JSON reports.

Hassle-free integrations
Unified testing

Integrate with other BrowserStack products – Live, Automate, App Automate & Test Observability.

Rich dashboard and reporting
Rich dashboard and reporting

Get high-level overview or drilled-down details on test cases, test runs, and other QA insights in real time.

The best experiences are built with BrowserStack

Sainsbury’s leverages test automation to double release frequency

E-commerce, Retail chain
increase in release frequency
4-9 days
saved during testing
4.7 out of 5 - G2 CROWD

Over 50,000 companies trust Browserstack

Piotr Kowalczyk @pierre_habibi Thank you god for @browserstack <3 Css magic...#Apple #testing #programming #FrontEnd
Luis H. Ball Jr. @pierre_habibi @browserstack Local appreciation tweet 🥰 Browser’s refusal to ship meaninful JS feature flags makes it necessary to be able to test on older versions.Local makes that a breeze ⛵.
Fatih Battal @pierre_habibi @browserstack I love you😘 Nothing more. That's it.
Kevin Basset @krissierae Big fan of @browserstack for cross-browser testing. If you're building a #PWA, it's an absolute must-have. #nocode #iphone #safari #web #browser
Kevin Basset @krissierae Use @browserstack to automate tests on many more devices than those in your farm.
Code With Caen @krissierae Trying out @browserstack and am completely blown away. Currently playing around with visual testing using Percy. Super excited I got a sponsored #opensource plan too!

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