Integrating your tests with BrowserStack has never been easier.

We’re excited to announce the launch of BrowserStack SDK. This plug-and-play solution will enable you to integrate and run your entire test suite on the BrowserStack Automate in a matter of minutes, with zero code changes.

“We’re a developer-first company at heart. We wanted to make the process of running tests on BrowserStack friction-free so our users can focus on what matters - testing. I’m delighted we’ve made cross-browser testing at scale easier with the BrowserStack SDK”

-   Nakul Aggarwal, CTO & Co-Founder of BrowserStack.

All you need to do is install the SDK and set up a simple configuration file, and your tests will instantly work with all of BrowserStack’s features, like:

  • 3000+ Real Device & Browser combinations on-demand  - Easily configure the real devices and browsers you want to run tests on.
  • Parallelization - Effortlessly manage test orchestration across parallel threads.
  • BrowserStack Local - Test your sites on localhost or dev/staging environments without manual network setup.

The BrowserStack SDK enables users to integrate their entire test suite in under 15 minutes, a process that can take over 3 hours with manual setup on other cloud-based platforms.

Alternative cloud platforms require modifying test scripts and manually orchestrating parallel tests, making it a cumbersome process to integrate with solutions.

The benefits of the BrowserStack SDK are not just one-time. With organizations shifting testing further left, and adopting test-driven development approaches, the BrowserStack SDK saves time every time a new script is written.

The BrowserStack SDK currently supports leading Java, NodeJS and Python test frameworks, and we’re rolling out support for more frameworks every week.

How to get started:

  1. Download & Install the BrowserStack SDK.
  2. Configure your browserstack.yml file. Use the SDK Config Generator to help you set up your config file with your BrowserStack credentials, devices/browsers and more.
  3. Trigger tests as you would normally, and watch them run on BrowserStack.

Watch the SDK launch webinar now!

Our in-house experts Ali (Sr. Product Manager) & Vignesh (Product Marketing Manager) hosted a webinar deep diving into the SDK! Learn how you can become a BrowserStack power user today by watching the webinar on-demand.