Building the Future of Test Automation in Partnership with Selenium

DUBLIN — July 4, 2024—At BrowserStack, we are committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers by continually investing in the tools and technologies that matter most to them. As part of this commitment, we are thrilled to announce our new status as ‘Development Partners’ of Selenium, a pivotal open-source project in the test automation landscape.

BrowserStack has been one of the Selenium project’s biggest supporters for years and currently employs several of Selenium’s core maintainers, donating a significant portion of their time towards the development, maintenance, support, and leadership of open-source Selenium repos. 

We have collaborated on the creation of Selenium’s BiDi APIs, adding Open Telemetry to Selenium Grid to help people diagnose problems, and are working with other contributors to make sure Selenium 5 improves the ecosystem between frameworks, bindings, and devices so that Selenium, on its 20th year, can be as popular for years to come. 

As part of our development partnership, we are launching a series of initiatives aimed at fostering a vibrant community around Selenium. These include hosting events, organizing meet-ups, and providing forums for developers to share knowledge and collaborate on best practices. These efforts are designed to bring together the brightest minds in test automation and drive forward innovation in this space.

Our partnership with Selenium reflects our broader commitment to the open-source community. We believe that taking an active role in the projects our customers rely on is essential. It not only strengthens the projects themselves but also ensures that our customers receive the best possible tools to build and test their software. It’s about more than just using open-source software; it’s about giving back and ensuring these projects thrive.

We are excited about the potential of our partnership with Selenium and the positive impact it will have on our customers. We invite you to join us on this journey, participate in our initiatives, and contribute to the future of test automation. Thank you for being a valued part of the BrowserStack community. Together, we can drive innovation and excellence in software testing.

About BrowserStack
BrowserStack is the world’s leading software testing platform for both web and mobile apps, powering over two million tests every day across 19 global data centers. BrowserStack helps developers deliver quality software at speed by providing instant access to 20,000+ real Android and iOS devices on a highly reliable cloud infrastructure.

About Selenium
Selenium, a suite of tools for automating web browsers, has been a cornerstone of web testing for over 20 years. As an umbrella project, it encompasses a range of tools and libraries that enable and support the automation of web browsers, making it indispensable for developers and QA professionals worldwide. Its open-source nature fosters a vibrant community of contributors who continuously innovate and enhance its capabilities.

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