Visual logs

Visual Logs enables you to automatically capture screenshots for various Appium commands executed in your test session. They can help detect the exact step where the failure occurred. They also help identify any layout or design related issues in your application. Visual logs are disabled by default. To enable visual logs, use the browserstack.debug capability.

Capability Description Value
browserstack.debug Generate screenshots for various appium commands in your test true, false
Default: false

Example :

DesiredCapabilities desiredCapabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
desiredCapabilities.setCapability("browserstack.debug", "true");
var capabilities = {
	'browserstack.debug': 'true'
DesiredCapabilities capability = new DesiredCapabilities();
capability.SetCapability("browserstack.debug", "true");
$capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
$capabilities->setCapability("browserstack.debug", "true");
desired_cap = {
	'browserstack.debug': 'true'
desired_caps = {
    'browserstack.debug': 'true'

Access visual logs from the dashboard:

The visual logs can be accessed from the test sessions details page on the App Automate Dashboard. On the Text Logs tab, select the Visuals checkbox to view the screenshots taken during test execution.