Define custom ID for app

By default, every app upload generates a new app_url value. Accordingly, you also need to update the app capability in your Appium test scripts to test the latest build of the app.

If you want to use a constant value to specify the application under test and don’t want to modify your test scripts after every app upload, you can define a custom ID for your app. Use the same custom ID every time you upload a new build of the app. Here is an example cURL request to upload an Android app with the custom ID defined as CalculatorApp :

-X POST "" \
-F "file=@/path/to/app/file/Application-debug.apk" \
-F "custom_id=CalculatorApp"

A sample response to the above API request is shown below :


In your Appium test script, simply use the custom_id value (CalculatorApp in the above example) to set the app capability to specify the application under test. The test execution will pick the last uploaded build corresponding to that custom ID.

  1. Other users in your team can test an app uploaded by you. They need to use the shareable_id value to specify the application under test while setting the app capability in their Appium tests.
  2. The use of custom ID or shareable ID is optional.