View test results

You can access results of your test sessions on the App Automate dashboard as well as using our REST API.

Make use of build and project capabilities to organise your test sessions into different builds and projects on the App Automate dashboard. Once a build is selected, you can view the overall summary of the build as well as results for each test session. You can drill down into the details of a specific test session to view its execution details and debugging information such as video recording, network logs and device logs. Every Appium test session has a unique session ID associated to it. You can also use the session ID to access test results and debugging information using REST API.

Interpreting test session status

Each test session can have one of the following status :

  1. Running: Test session is currently running.
  2. Error: The test session encountered an error.
  3. Timed out: The test session was idle for 90 seconds. If no additional Appium commands are recevied for 90 seconds, the test session is stopped, and the session status is updated to Timed out
  4. Completed: The test session completed. This happens when your test script sends Appium’s driver.quit command to BrowserStack to end the running session.