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Improve collaboration and teamwork with Test Observability

Use these features in Test Observability for improved collaboration.

Resolve issues in your test suites faster through better collaboration

SDETs need to work with other members of the QA Team, front-end developers, back-end developers, etc. to fix issues.Whenever there is a need to collaborate, teams spend valuable time in meetings and to reproduce scenarios. Most issues in test suites can be solved faster if there is a way to handle these interactions efficiently.

In Test Observability, you can ensure everyone is on the same page by driving communication without losing valuable context. You can reduce unnecessary meetings and save time and effort by using the features in Test Observability that promote collaboration.

The following features in Test Observability help you communicate better and improve teamwork:

  1. Share and Download: You can share the reports generated by Test Observability in a couple of clicks, or download PDFs and send them to your teammates. These features speed up communication as these reports are self-explanatory.

    Learn more about sharing and downloading reports here.

  2. Comments: The comments feature enables effective asynchronous communication within your team and saves time and effort. When you need to discuss a test or an insight on Test Observability with your teammates, you can add a comment directly on that test or insight.

    For example, if you notice a test failure, you can tag a teammate and ask a question by commenting on the test. When your teammate views the comment, it is super easy to understand the context behind the comment and act on it, as the comment is closely coupled with the test case. Learn more about comments on Test Observability here.

  3. Report bugs on Jira: When you spot a bug in your test suite, you can directly report it on Jira without leaving Test Observability. Test Observability automatically adds rich Metadata to the Jira bug such that anyone who looks at it gets all the information needed to resolve the bug. You can also track the bug directly from Test Observability.

    Click here to learn more about improving collaboration with Jira integration.

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