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Get started with Test Observability

Get Test Observability for all kinds of automation tests agnostic of where it runs.

BrowserStack Test Observability currently supports all the below testing frameworks and it is agnostic to the type of tests i.e it will work with functional UI, Unit, and also Integration tests.

Test Observability works for tests that you might be running on browsers/devices hosted locally or on CI or even on any other cloud platform. You need not be an existing BrowserStack Automate / App Automate user to be able to use Test Observability although it works seamlessly if you happen to be an Automate or App Automate user as well.

Select a test framework to get started

Want a sneak peek before integrating?

Note: If you don’t see your automation framework listed or if you’re facing any issue during integration, please reach out to us

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Talk to an Expert