How do I execute tests against localhost or private websites?

You can easily execute your test suites having localhost/private URL based tests by setting up Local Testing. Download the binary for your platform using the links below.

Linux 32-bitDownload
Linux 64-bitDownload

Follow these steps, before triggering a test suite with localhost/private URL's:

On Demand execution:

  1. Use the access key of your BrowserStack account. You can find it here.
  2. Run the binary on your machine using this access key.

Scheduled execution:

  1. Use the access key of your BrowserStack account's group owner.
  2. Run the binary on a central machine which is always up during the scheduled times using this access key.


  • Make sure binary is run on the machine where the Private URLs are accessible.
  • Make sure the machine where the binary runs is always up & running during the scheduled times.
  • Make sure you are using the right access key as per above during on demand and scheduled runs.

For more information, please contact support.