Why is my localhost URL redirected to bs-local.com on iOS/iPadOS devices?

iOS & iPadOS devices do not allow proxy redirection when the localhost URL is accessed in a browser & instead tries to resolve the same on the device itself. Due to this it is not possible for the product to forward the URL request to your environment via the local tunnel when `localhost` is accessed on an iOS / iPadOS device. This makes the `localhost` URL impossible to use on iOS or iPadOS devices. 

However changing this URL to bs-local.com changes the default system behavior and allows requests to reach your network for it to resolve properly. Hence, for the user not to have to ensure using `localhost` when trying to access their local website on iOS & iPadOS devices in Live, we automatically redirect `localhost` access to `bs-local.com`. 

Note, this redirection may fail in cases. Hence it is recommended to ensure that the `bs-local.com` URL is being ultimately used to access local websites when using iOS or iPadOS devices in Live with Local Testing enabled.

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