How do I test different Safari versions on macOS?

Currently, BrowserStack offers the Safari browser version which is launched/released with the corresponding macOS release. We also support minor version upgrades of the Safari browser on MacOS terminals, only in case of security patches.

Here’s a list of Safari versions offered on specific macOS releases:

macOS ReleaseSafari version offered
macOS VenturaSafari 16.5
macOS MontereySafari 15.6
macOS Big SurSafari 14.1
macOS CatalinaSafari 13.1
macOS MojaveSafari 12.1
macOS High SierraSafari 11.1

BrowserStack recognises that multiple Safari versions are supported on certain macOS systems. However, support for testing on such a Safari browser version running on a specific macOS machine is currently unavailable on BrowserStack.

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