Why can’t I access some of the default apps of the devices on iOS and Android?

Access to some of the default apps on iOS and Android is restricted to ensure a secure network of devices for the users to perform their testing on, and to ensure a complete clean up of the user’s apps, actions and data once their session gets over.

However, it is our constant endeavour to allow access to as many of these default apps as possible for our users to carry out their test cases.

Here is a list of known apps that we currently make accessible. This list will be updated as and when we make more apps accessible on the devices.

Default iOS apps currently accessible:

  1. Phone

  2. Safari

  3. Messages

  4. Photos

  5. Camera

  6. App Store

  7. Wallet

  8. Files

  9. Translate

  10. Utilities

  11. Google

  12. TestFlight

Default Android apps currently accessible:

  1. Phone

  2. Messages

  3. Browser

  4. Camera

  5. GMail

  6. Chrome

  7. Google Maps

  8. YouTube

  9. Weather

  10. Facebook

  11. Netflix

  12. Gallery

  13. Clock

  14. Contacts

  15. Settings

  16. Calendar

  17. Game Launcher

  18. Play Store