Reset BrowserStack Access Key

This article shows you how to obtain a new BrowserStack Access Key.


You may need to reset your BrowserStack access key (to comply with your organization’s internal key rotation policies or when members leave).

You can obtain a new BrowserStack access key in two ways:

  1. Via Command Prompt, and
  2. Through an API Client (such as Postman).

Using Command Prompt

You can reset your access key through REST API.

Execute the following on your command prompt:


The above command will return this response:


Using an API Client (like Postman)

You can also use an API client (such as Postman) to trigger the API call. On your Postman dashboard:

  1. Set the HTTP request to PUT.
  2. Under Authorization tab, set Type to Basic Auth.
  3. In the username and password fields, enter your BrowserStack username and current access key.

Once you hit Send, you’ll see the old and new access keys in the response body section.