Integrate Testim with BrowserStack

Run your tests using Testim on BrowserStack


Testim is a platform that lets you record and playback automated tests in minutes. Testim helps you capture detailed step-by-step bug scenarios. It significantly reduces the maintenance and rewriting of tests.

Adding BrowserStack grid in Testim

  1. Go to Company view
  2. Click + in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Choose Browserstack as the grid type then click on next button
  4. Fill up the required details: Browserstack User, Key etc.
  5. Click on the GRIDS tab.


Create a configuration for BrowserStack in Testim

  1. Go to Project page
  2. From the side panel, select the Runs Tab.
  3. Now go to CONFIGURATION LIST tab
  4. Select Create New and fill up the configuration with your choice of OS, browser and the resolution.


Running tests on BrowserStack

  1. Go to Automate section and navigate to your test.

  2. Select your test which you want to run on BrowserStack.


  3. In the edit window, click on the edit icon near the default config label.

  4. Select the configuration that you had created.


  5. Select the dropdown icon beside the play button from the menu bar.

  6. Choose Run on a custom grid option from the dropdown.

  7. Select the configuration which you had created and, select Browserstack from list of grids.


  8. Click Run to run the test.
    It will run the test on BrowserStack Automate, and you can monitor the test in real-time on the Automate dashboard.

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